• Production unit of Saloon Sinks (Shampoo bowls)from composites or fiber.This helps elevate hope and transform lives of women ,the abandoned, widowed and displaced are the target mothers, through spiritual and moral discipleship ,empowering and equipping them with skills, setting up self-sustainable finance loans,HIV/Aids support etc
  • We have developed an innovation in making Composites a new error technology in the world today and have gone an extra mile in the making of shampoo bowls (Sinks) out of Composite giving the skill to women and youth at the same time for employability, the sinks are picking market phasing out the plastic shampoo bowls imported from china. A study has been done in the neighboring East African countries and the potential for a wider market is available we only need a
  • simple automatic machine that will help with the production so that we meet the demands of the market.
  • And also we are looking out for other products that can be developed from Composite material so that we advance as a project by making a couple of things from composite to help give skill and employ the women and youth.
  • We also want to start up other production units in composites by making trays by use of composites, Making Sato toilets from composites, making of hand wash basins from composites, making of bath tubs from composites and shower trays from composites this will create skill and employment among the women and youth.
  • Women and youth have gotten skills in laminating using hand lay, Restoration and renovation that is fiber mechanics and our workshop is called Fiber Works Africa.
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