We believe that God hates poverty. He has blessed the church in the “west” with so many resources and the ability to do something about it! Ushindi would like to partner with many Churches to help share God’s love with some of the poorest communities in Africa. We are excited about partnering, empowering and providing the opportunity for local churches to fulfill their responsibility to the poor. Explore below for more information about how your church can get involved.

Book a Speaker
If you would like to hear more about the work of Ushindi and how God is using local churches to change communities, please email , or phone +256-751-962-122. We would love to come and share about why we are so passionate about what we do.
Send a team to Africa

A great way for the local church to engage with mission and poverty is to “Go.” No amount of photos and talking will impact your congregation as much as sending a team to visit a community and to literally experience what life is like. Sending a team is so much more than just the people travelling. The whole church just gets behind the team, financially and in prayer. Sending a team will change your congregation for life.

Fundraise for a project

Either in connection with a team, or as a separate project, many churches have helped projects by funding school blocks, kitchens, water wells, and much more. When connected with a team travelling out the church members often get to see the all the hard work in action and take part in some of the building work.

Support Ushindi Events

Ushindi will be run events and campaigns which your church can take part in. They can be anything from sponsored events, to raising awareness about specific needs.

Partner with our Ushindi Village Model

A church can support our Ushindi Children’s Village, transitional and rehabilitation homes for destitute children. With room for around 300 children at any one time, we aim to provide a safe and secure environment for these children again after the harsh realities of living. Their basic needs are met, they are cared for, encouraged to reach their potential and have the opportunity for a good education. For those from the streets home tracing is done to see if we can connect them back with their families and if the time is right and both the child and family are willing, we can resettle them home whilst continuing to provide for their needs. To fund this vital work we look for 6 sponsors at $35 per month to cover the costs of maintaining residential care.

Connect with a Community

A church can connect with a community by linking with one of our projects, remembering them in prayer and supporting financially. With Child Sponsorship, church members can take on the challenge of finding support for 10, 20 or 50 children in one community. The church can also fund community projects including:

  • Bibles for the children
  • Sponsoring a CEF/Holiday Bible Club/Child Center days for holidays
  • Running a Christmas party
  • Training Teachers
  • Buying school resources
  • Supporting community projects like bore hole construction, spring well construction.
  • Supporting the Children’s church by providing pastoral care.
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    Here's how you can help:
  • $35 primary,$55 high school,$15 medical can Sponsor a Child
  • Join A Team
  • Volunteer in sale of crafts
  • Fundraise with us
  • Fundraise with us
  • Need Reservations? Call Us 24/7 at +256 751 962 122