Ushindi works to reach out to the community through community develpoment projects like well constructions, bore holes and on the humanitarain side it s works to provide warm coats, blankets, shoes, mattresses, and medical services as needed by orphans/needy children as well as basic supplies like soap, which many children are in need of.

For more information on current projects, fundraisers, and drives, visit our current projects page.

Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir is dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song, dance and testimony. To help bridge cultural and language barriers, the majority of each USHINDI concert is performed in English and other local Languages.

Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir is an inspiring group of hopeful and talented children, ages 6-13, who admirably represent the orphaned and poverty-stricken children and youth of Uganda.

The choir’s members – some of whom are orphans who have lost one or both parents – come from diverse and often life-threatening pasts, but God has brought healing to their lives and has given them real hope for the future. As a result, they have blossomed in terms of their musical talent, personal character, maturity and spiritual life.

Their performances are a unique blend of native African rhythms, contemporary gospel music and ethnic dance. They have released an Album called Lord come and set us free, their latest album

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to the change the world," - Nelson Mandela.

Education is crutial to the continuing transformation of Uganda's infrastructure;Sponsor a child, we will combat illiteracy while also teaching God's word and kingdom principles.

We’ve created a $55 monthly sponsorship that will help an orphan child with his/her needs.
Funds are used for individual orphans and their immediate peer group for activities involving children who have no sponsor.

Sponsor-orphan relationships are encouraged and visits to the child can often be arranged.

Ushindi currently operates a very small home for orphan and needy children.

Its in this small home that the children stay and training for the choir is done.

The home is so little that it can't accommodate the pending children who need urgent help.

Ushindi Model

The choir will be travelling to the US in April 2019 to raise funds for the construction of Ushindi Model Village. The main purpose of the tour is to fund-raise and create on going relationships with organizations, churches and other corporate companies to help with our goal of building a self-sustainable village for the children. This village will include a school, a home (village) where they will be looked after well with good Christian morals, discipleship and proper upbringing with a good follow up, a farm and so many other self-sustainable programs.

The village will be equipped with a good quality well for drinking water and irrigation and will also be being worked on to create a market gardens . Through these we are providing young men and women with training in skilled trades and work, and providing them a source of income as they adjust to life outside the home. At it’s root, the transition home is a means to knowing Jesus Christ better as orphaned teens are discipled by house parents, trained in life skills, and loved and cared for.

There are many mission trips each year to Uganda, Mission teams come year-round to work on specific projects. If construction, education, healthcare, agriculture, evangelism or most any other field is your thing, there's plenty to do in Uganda. Many churches that sponsor mission trips allow others to join their teams.

If you, your church or organization would like to organize a trip, we are happy to help. We can coordinate the timing of your trip so that we don't end up with too many groups in Uganda at once. We can also provide forms, packing lists and other aids to help plan your trip to ensure it goes smoothly.

Ushindi will conduct several trips each year targeting the individuals that sponsor orphans in the villages. It is an opportunity to step beyond the remote financial relationship and develop a personal relationship with the child that you support. It will be an experience that you will never forget.

Short and Long Term Missionaries Needed

Ushindi welcomes mission teams to Uganda on an as-needed basis with various goals including visiting orphanages and working on building and maintenance projects,Medical Camps. Contact us if your Church, group, or family is interested in serving alongside us for a period of time.

It will give you the opportunity to hug a widow, love on precious orphans, experience the Ugandan prayer movement, take a safari, and use your skills and God-given passion to touch people through life-giving ministry like dentistry/medical outreaches, schools, Ministry teams/ evangelism and church planting, orphan program, business training program to our young entrepreneurs, worship and arts, sites and sounds, videography and IT outreaches, construction, etc.

If you individually or as a group are interested, please let us know so we can make arrangements for this exciting trip next year.

Please contact us if you feel God is leading you to visit your sponsored child.

With the legacy missions a home built is named in the honour of your name or family Each home will accommodate children. A trained single or widowed mother will be placed in each home to raise these precious children in a godly way.

The orphans will receive parental love, discipline, health care, and education. What a better way to raise a generation that will seek and serve the Lord!

Due to current the economic situation the cost per home has increased. Each 4-room house will be built and furnished for approximately $25,000. We will recognize the sponsor of an entire home by having the home named in their honor living a legacy among the Ugandan Children.

As a concerned citizen of Heaven, please consider partnering with us on this project to build these homes for orphans in Uganda.

Ushindi operates Everland GreatTreck Safaris and Adventures, you can be part of the of the adventuring team with a helping hand as you visit Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

We plan your safari to suit your budget.

In a country where many teenagers age out and end up in crime, prostitution, or living on the streets, Youth Alive provides teenagers a safe place to continue their studies and to learn life skills.

Currently children who age out of the orphan care system, around 18 years old, aged-out orphan/needy children while still continuing their education are enrolled in this project for transition and are natured into God fearing and responsible Christians through programs like life skills, discipleship & bible study, music and drama, sports outreach, church/community outreach and community volunteering, center day and camp.

This will help elevate hope and transform lives of women, the abandoned, widowed and displaced are the target mothers, through spiritual and moral discipleship, empowering and equipping them with skills, setting up self sustainable finance loans, HIV/Aids support etc.

Sustainability projects like crop, agricultural and animal husbandry, fish farming, production units etc.

Typically the family would cast the woman and children from their homes forcing them to the streets when the husband dies.

Alone in their despair they are forced to beg, engage in prostitution or force their children into early marriages just to survive. Some commit suicide while others labor in the gardens to raise a bit of food for their families.

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