We bless the Lord who counted us faithful to work in his vineyard. We were ministers of God with St. Andrews and Philips Cathedral in Mukono Diocese Anglican Church of Uganda, but now a parish priest of Dandira Parish at St.Peters Church Dandira Anglican.

God blessed us with the gift of Singing, Preaching. Healing and Deliverance. We have so far released two Music Albums. Olutalo Silulwo (The Battle is not yours), Yayamba(Jesus is our help).

In our music concerts that we have done Uganda, Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir has always performed with us and God has used us to share the little we get with these children.
As patrons of the Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir. We feel so privileged to be participants in this Ministry which belongs to God. It keeps us smiling to put a smile on an orphaned child or one who has been deprived of parents care.

Every time the tears are wiped from the life of a poverty-stricken child, when they are dressed, fed, sheltered and taken to school then our hearts leap with Joy.

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