This year Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation had a New Year resolution to focus more on self-sustainable projects. We are kicking to this program in 2024 and we hope to buy a 30 acres of land to run this program and be able to grow more food to feed our children.

Future Plans

  • Buy 30 acres of land for agriculture
  • Grow crops including Vegetables and Maize corn.
  • Buy a tractor to help prepare the land faster and be able to make timely preparations for the planting season.
  • Startup animal grazing including goat and cattle rearing. Like agricultural and animal husbandry, fish farming
  • Production units such carpentry, welding and other skills hair dressing, sawing/tailoring, catering etc.
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    How you can help

    Donate a Goat or a cow, You can buy land: You can help to make a big difference to lives of the abandoned children and needy families of Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation in Uganda. By donating just $75 you can provide Goat milk that will help to support the orphans at Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation in Uganda.

    It's a gift that keeps on giving. Goat milk is easier to digest will give the children a sustainable source of protein rich food. So your $75 can make a real difference.

    Donate today and help to secure a better, brighter future for abandoned orphan children in Uganda.

    We have targeted a piece of land for agriculture which will cost us $25,000 to buy. Your donations will make a big contribution to securing this land. Please click the button below to make a donation.

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