We are so grateful for your assistance in arranging for accommodations for the choir and tour staff!

The choir is made up of:
  • 12-16 Ugandan children – ages 8-13
  • 8 adult chaperones The choir and tour staff is a family unit unto itself, with the adult chaperones as the “aunties” and “uncles”. Our foremost concern during the tour is for the children’s safety, security and total welfare. To help ensure this, we request that our chaperones be housed with the children. This allows the children to be with adults they know to provide a more stable environment should a child need special attention or just the familiar face of an “auntie” or “uncle”. Other Information
  • A minimum of 2 children must be sent to a host home with an adult chaperone. The children sent to each home will generally be of the same sex
  • Two children sleep easily in one double bed and they like to sleep that way. They will also be comfortable on a sofa or cot.
  • Please note that there may be changes made to your host family assignments and schedule per our chaperone's information due to circumstances within the choir. And more other information will be raised about the host families’ procedure.
  • Need Reservations? Call Us 24/7 at +256 751 962 122