Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir is intending to tour in the U.S.A for the “LIFTING HOPE BUILDING DREAMS” tour targeted to raise resources to help build the Ushindi children’s village, a school, multi-purpose building for the very unfortunate talented poor helpless orphans and vulnerable needy underprivileged children in Uganda. The choir consists of 18-20 children, ranging from the ages of 6-14 years. Some of these children have lost one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS and victims of insurgence in the northern Uganda.

The choir is still looking for a chaperone who can help this choir travel to help it’s vision fruition. We need repesentatives/team leaders in the USA both East and West coast.

The choir is ready and is currently scheduling dates for January – June 2020.

Please contact us if this chaperone ministry aligns with your passion to serve.

If you want to discuss ideas on how to partner with the choir, please contact us.

What we offer while on tour

Benefits of the tour

Benefits to the USA citizens

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