Join the tour with Ushindi Africa Children Choir

We are looking for talented individuals in Canada who desire to use their gifts, talents, time and passion to help bring to life God’s wonderful story through the Ushindi Afria Children’s Choir. Let’s get a Move together
  • Must be able to commit to Ushindi Africa Children from May 2023 – October -2023.
  • Must be available to travel to Uganda with the children.
  • Raise financial support for your flight to Uganda and back to the US.
  • Be a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Must be “all in’’ and seek to glorify God’s inconsistent servanthood.
  • Must be a servant leader of at least 18years of age.
  • Be advocated for Ushindi children at all times with positive and encouraging attitudes (in host houses, churches, outings, restaurants etc).
  • Disciples and love Ushindi choir children in a Christ like manner at all times.
  • Serve by chaperoning the children in host homes while on tour (will have 2-4 kids each night)
  • Hold children accountable in host homes by staying on schedule, encouraging appropriate food choices, going to bed on time, and following all guidelines.
  • Assist teaches during school time by tutoring and maintain learning environment.
  • Carry out assigned duties while children are performing before and after event.
  • Be present at all times by being spiritual role models helping with devotion and prayer times.
FAQs For Interns & Volunteers
Do I need to fundraise for this internship?

Yes, the money needed to fundraise is approximately $4,500 for the service trip to escort the children back to their homes at the end of tour. We have a great system set up to help your fundraising be successful.

Do Volunteers need to raise funds to be part?

Volunteers don’t need to raise funds to be part, however, we encourage Volunteers to do so for a specific cause of the choir.

Can I get college credit for this internship

If your school will accept an internship with our organization for credit, we would be more than happy to do everything on our end to make sure you receive credit.

Do I need to have vaccinations or meds for the trip to Uganda?
Yes, we consider vaccinations for applicants who will travel to Uganda with their Children.
Is there age range for the internship and Volunteers?
Yes, Ushindi Africa children Choir interns are between the ages of 18 and 25 years old and Volunteers between the age of 18 and 40 years old.
Do I have to be an intern/ Volunteer for the entire tour?
With the nature of this position, we are only looking for interns who will be able to join us for the entire tour. Only Volunteers can be part of the Tour for a specific period of time and dates.
Do I have to be a college student to be an intern or a Volunteer?
We consider applicants that have graduated from College and Volunteers that are 18 to 40Years
Will I get a day off every week while on tour?
Yes, every intern gets a day off every week while on Tour.

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