"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." – Martin Luther King, Jr. – Friends of the Choir are the extended family of the choir and help meet the considerable costs of Choir auditions and training in Africa, travel costs, medical needs and living expenses as the Choirs tour abroad. Friends of the choir also help advocate for the choir, Orphan advocacy/sponsor correspondence program to different churches, donors, sponsors, workmates ,make presentations to small groups, sharing one on one with family, Sharing with local businesses the mission and vision of the choir, Crafts coordinator to churches ,music events ,conferences etc ,inspire someone for a charity travel to Uganda(mission trip),fundraise for the choir, help meet the urgent needs list and meet the considerable expense of the choir We are prepared and more than happy to provide materials to help you in your advocacy journey, including: Power Point & Video about Ushindi Africa Children's choir and Child Sponsorship Letter to Pastors and/or Business Letters Brochures about our ministry opportunities Child Profiles Privileges of receiving updates about the choir tours, new products, prayer requests and challenges. * You can pledge a monthly gift of your choice be among a special group of people who make the Choir tours successful.


You can support the Choir by buying the music CD’s and our handmade authentic Ugandan jewelry. Which are made available on request through postage and shall always be available at the concerts while the children are on tour. You may also find our products onshopify.

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