He is 36, has two children living in Kampala. He has a degree in computer science from Makerere University Kampala. He was born and raised in Uganda and founded the Uganda Children Burden Centre, a community-based organization in 2006 that later changed the name to Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation that caters for disadvantaged children in Uganda.

Ronald basically grew up in church despite having a Muslim mum who loved church, he started singing at an early age in the Sunday school, and playing African drums, singing in the worship team and in 2010 Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir was born to create awareness about the plight of the African children and to expose out the work of Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation to the western world  and Ushindi Choir has toured locally in various churches  and is intending to travel to the USA on a fundraising tour to build a children’s village, hospital and school.

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