Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation is an indiginous Non-Governmental Organisation registered with a charity No.S.5914/6518 that was established by, Ronald Kezimbira Kyobe, in 2006 during the community development work in the urban poverty areas of Kampala suburbs.

Ronald came across desperate uncared for HIV/AIDS orphans, a number of whom were taken care of by single parents while others were homeless and were not taken care of, meanwhile others were internally displaced due to insurgencies by Joseph Kony in the northern part of Uganda.

He then got a conviction together with his colleagues of initiating an organization that will address the problems of orphans, single parents, and children/youth with HIV/AIDS, disabled children and other vulnerable children who need special care and also children of incarcerated parents.

The children’s choir is under the umbrella of Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation, it’s ministry is based on a strong Christian background and focuses on lifting hope, building dreams and nurturing God fearing leaders of tomorrow through applying biblical principals, as well as providing the five basic needs of a child food, shelter, education, clothing and parental figure.

Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir (UACC) started in 2010 as an initiatiative of Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation (UACF) to increase the awareness of UACF in Africa and in the western world. We are shaping Christian leaders to change a nation and the world. Ushindi Choir is so much excited to share about UACF impact in Uganda and around the world.


Uganda is a home to an entire generation of children and young people who have been orphaned by decades of poverty, AIDS, and violence. Ushindi Africa Childiren’s Foundation is caring for these orphans, providing education, housing, and hope.

USHINDI is a Swahili word that means Success/Victory. The choir is an inspiring group of hopeful and talented children ages 6-13, who admirably represent the orphaned and poverty-stricken children and youth of Uganda.

Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir has a wonderful production that features music and dance from different parts of Africa performed by an inspiring ensemble of children who come from the most desperate, diverse and often life threatening pasts,some of the choir members have lost one or both parents but God has brought healing to their lives and has given them real hope for the future as a result they are blossomed in terms of their musical talent, personal character, maturity and spiritual life. They bring the spirit of joy and hope to their own future and to their homeland through song, dance and testimony.

Their performances are a unique blend of native African rhythms, contemporary gospel music and ethnic dance.

The choir tours to share a special message of hope through original Ugandan song and dance, in the process the children seek to raise awareness of and resources for children to meet their education, medication, food, cloth, other basic needs, child sponsorship and enhance parental love.

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