"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to the change the world" - Nelson Mandela.

Education is crucial to the continuing transformation of Uganda's infrastructure; we will combat illiteracy while also teaching God's word and kingdom principles.

As concerned citizens of heaven, please consider partnering with us on these projects to provide the fundamental education with a monthly gift of $35.00, you can sponsor a grade school child at $55.00 monthly for jr/sr high school student. As well as $15.00 monthly you can provide medical support for your sponsored child.

Click here to sponsor a child.

Water is a fundamental human need .Each person on earth requires at least 20 to 50 liters’ of clean safe water a day for drinking, cooking and simply keeping themselves clean. Polluted water isn’t just dirty – it’s deadly. Consequently it’s contaminated and exposes children and their families to life threatening diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and dysentery.

In addition spring water sources are very distant and this exposes our children to risks of being raped and child sacrifice.Inspite of all this children have to travel to get water because without it there is no life.

It is important to us that our field does not stop at the children but rather to reach out to the community, city and the people of Uganda.

In response Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation has a current project of constructing a new well, Pit latrines, digging more wells and bore holes, installing a water pump, solar panels and also installing domestic water harvesting systems in the community to ensure the children and the community access clean and safe water and sanitation.

Our short term mission trips you have an oppoturnity to serve the children ,community and other communities in Uganda.

We believe it is important tohelp and empower families in the community. Our Ugandan staff and missionaries serve on outreach projects several times each week. These out reach ministries include serving at schools, special needs children's homes, babies homes, door-to to door evangelism, prayer walks, and construction projects.

The ministry sites that we partner with have opportunities for assisting with child care,teaching,cleaning, washing clothes, chopping wood, leading sports and games, leading music and worship, building relationships and most importantly sharing the love of christ.

The choir has traveled locally as advocates for the estimated 50 million children in Africa orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, war, poverty and disease. Accompanied by a team of adults, the choir presents Ushindi Vision and Mission through their stories, music and dance.

Ushindi choir acts as ambassadors to raise awareness about the plight of the orphaned and most vulnerable children in Africa as they raise resources to meet the needs of the children they represent.

Ushindi relies on the generosity of supporters around the world to build the Ushindi children's villages. Ushindi’s village project constructs homes for the children, schools, medical clinics, vocational schools, and a multi-purpose facility (that will act as a community church, conference hall, and a youth/sports centre.) Ushindi’s team also works on sustainable projects such as farming projects, and installing electricity and running water channels to local villages.

As we look to the future and fulfilling the vision of Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation to provide the five basic needs of a child, building a school and a bigger home becomes an immediate Necessity.

Building a school and home for the children is our focus and goal next two years to come. We want to create a beautiful place for our children to study and live harmonious alongside their careers. We are thankful to all our donors, supporters and partners for their continued support.

Learn, Grow, Dream

In a country where many teenagers age out and end up in crime, prostitution, or living on the streets, Youth Alive provides teenagers a safe place to continue their studies and to learn life skills.

Currently children who age out of the orphan care system, around 18 years old, aged-out orphan/needy children while still continuing their education are enrolled in this project for transition and are natured into God fearing and responsible Christians through programs like life skills, discipleship & bible study, music and drama, sports outreach, church/community outreach and community volunteering, center day and camp. It helps lift their Hope to build their dreams.


• Life skills
• Discipleship & Bible study
• Music and Drama
• Sports outreach
• Church/community outreach and community volunteering
• Center day and camp

This will help elevate hope and transform lives of women, the abandoned, widowed and displaced are the target mothers, through spiritual and moral descipleship, empowering and equiping them with skills, setting up self sustainable finance loans, HIV/Aids support etc.

Sustainability projects like crop, agricultural and animal husbandry, fish farming, production units etc. Typically the family will cast the woman and children from their homes forcing them to the streets when the husband dies. Alone in their despair they are forced to beg, engage in prostitution or force their children into early marriages just to survive. Some commit suicide while others labor in the gardens to raise a bit of food for their families.


Sponsor a Woman: For $40 a month you can sponsor a woman in Uganda.
We want to offer a basic education to women to help them learn how to run a successful business our desire is to help these ladies attain a level of self-reliance and be able to provide for their families.

Medical Support: Many of the ladies we work with are living with AIDS and many of them often struggle with treatable diseases like malaria, typhoid and Cholera. You can help to treat a woman in need with $15 dollars per month. Email us at info@ushindiafricachildren.org to start helping.

Life skills: We train and equip women with skills like, beads & craft making, tailoring, catering and leadership skills. Ugandan women would feel proud and dignified to learn a skill, start a business and provide for themselves and their children.

Discipleship & Bible Study: This program was started to help the women learn about Gods Love and also to encourage them to live with dignity because every one of them is of value to God. Many women have responded positively to this program and many of them have been empowered with great HOPE to see a better future through walking with FAITH and accepting Gods plan for their lives.

Self-sustainable finance loans: This program focus on helping single mothers with self-sustainable finance loans to come up with capital to start small business to help them sustain their families in the future, they are trained how to handle money, do business and save as they pay back the loans.

This year Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation had a New Year resolution to focus more on self-sustainable projects. We are kicking to this program in 2022 and we hope to buy a 5 acres of land to run this program and be able to grow more food to feed our children.

Future Plans

• Buy 12 acres of land for agriculture

• Grow crops including Vegetables and Maize corn.

• Buy a tractor to help prepare the land faster and be able to make timely preparations for the planting season.

• Startup animal grazing including goat and cattle rearing like agricultural and animal husbandry, fish farming.

• Production units such carpentry, welding and other skills hair dressing, sawing/tailoring, catering etc.

How you can help

Donate a Goat or a cow, you can buy land: You can help to make a big difference to lives of the abandoned children and needy families of Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation in Uganda. By donating just $75 you can provide a Goat milk that will help to support the orphans at Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation in Uganda. It's a gift that keeps on giving. Goat milk is easier to digest will give the children a sustainable source of protein rich food. So your $75 can make a real difference. Donate today and help to secure a better, brighter future for abandoned orphan children in Uganda.

We have targeted a piece of land for agriculture which will cost us $25,000 to buy. Your donations will make a big contribution to securing this land.

Please click here to make a donation.

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