Choir Tour 2020
The main purpose of the tour is to share a special message of hope through original Ugandan song and dance.
Lifting Hope, Building Dreams
Because every child deserves a home, hope and opportunity.
The Children's Choir
The choir has traveled locally as advocates for the estimated 50 million children in Africa orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, war, poverty and disease.
Ushindi Village Project
We want to create a beautiful place for our children to study and live harmonious alongside their careers.
Adventure & Safari
You can be part of the of the adventuring team with a helping hand as you visit Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

Our Story

Ushindi Africa Children’s Foundation is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organisation registered with a charity No.S.5914/6518 that was established by, Ronald Kezimbira Kyobe, in 2006 during the community development work in the urban poverty areas of Kampala suburbs.

Ronald came across desperate uncared for HIV/AIDS orphans, a number of whom were taken care of by single parents while others were homeless and were not taken care of, meanwhile others were internally displaced due to insurgencies by Joseph Kony in the northern part of Uganda.

Major Focus Areas

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