The choir needs a group of dedicated volunteers that are led by the Spirit to serve God through this ministry. Many opportunities are available above and beyond financial and prayer support.

Volunteers with the Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir come from all walks of life. The choir currently needs international promoters who can help it have it's vision fruition.

We consequently need chaperones, we are seeking a highly motivated, passionate Christian individuals who can assist in our fundraising efforts,. The volunteer will focus on researching funding opportunities and contacting potential donors or performance venues for the tour, The Director sponsorship and finance, Director Sound,. This will include churches, school, fundraisings, conferences and communities.

We will be happy to supply you with additional tools to assist you with your fundraising endeavors.

We hope that you will consider partnering with us in this exciting endeavor!

Assistant tours Director - Will help in the Tour Director with various activities.

Director Sound - Will be responsible for Sound while the children are on tour.

Director sponsorship and finance - Will be responsible for sponsorship of the tour and finance generally.

Director of crafts - Will take charge of the crafts while the choir is on tour.

Director of teaching - Will responsible for the childrens studies while on tour.

National partnership/Director - Will responsible for the partnership formation to the Ushindi Africa Children's choir/Music brings lives together.

On addition to chaperones we need Marketing coordinators and general publications-media-should have good writing skills, and will be writing updates and articles to help update the Ushindi choir fans, website and connecting to other social sites, sharing our vision, music etc with the media.

Communications manager/spokesperson - The communication manager will be in charge of talking for choir, advocating it's programs, missions, urgent needs of the choir, updates about the choir and connecting the choir to the ground in churches, organization, communities ,schools, corporates and others and much more info about the choir.

Grant Writer: This person is required to have good writing skills. Experienced grant writer is preferred to meet the requirements of the funding opportunities and potential donors.

Donations Coordinator: This person will be responsible for collecting material donations like clothes, food reading materials, shoes, sports equipment, music equipment and other supplies. This person will also contact schools, organizations to ask for donations to the choir and to the orphaned children in Africa.

Corporate Employee Giving Coordinator

Corporate Employee - Many corporations have giving programs that assist their employees in supporting charities and volunteer organizations in your community.

Corporate Matching - Make a donation to Music brings lives together, and your company will match your gift.

Employee Giving - Your company has a community "allowance" where employees can apply for a grant to be made to Music brings lives together.

Volunteer compensation

Your company will "pay" Music brings lives together based on hours you have volunteered with us.

We would like to receive matching gifts from your corporates. For more information contact your corporate headquarters to see what community giving programs they offer.
We will be happy to supply you with additional tools to assist you with your fundraising endeavors.

We hope that you will consider partnering with us in this exciting endeavor!

As a concerned citizen of heaven, please consider partnering with us to support the very unfortunate talented poor helpless orphans and vulnerable needy underprivileged children in Uganda.

Please contact us if this volunteer ministry aligns with your passion to serve.


This is a chance of a lifetime to join one of the most acclaimed children's choir with a show case of lifting hope and building dreams of the African children and unleashing the unlimited potential of the inspirational children's choir. Mentor them, serving as a chaperon for a maximum of six months on tour.

In 2019 the choir will travelling to the U.S.A for the LIFTING HOPE, BUILDING DREAMS TOUR in churches in the USA.

You can part of this life changing experience as you tour along with the Ushindi kids in 2019.

Please contact us if this chaperon ministry aligns with your passion to serve.

Friends of the choir are the extended family of the choir and help meet the considerable costs of choir auditions and training in Africa, travel costs, medical needs and living expenses as the choirs tour abroad.

Friends of the choir also help advocate for the choir, orphan advocacy/sponsor correspondence program to different churches, donors, sponsors, workmates, make presentations to small groups, sharing one on one with family, Sharing with local businesses, church the mission and vision of the choir, crafts coordinator to churches, music events, conferences etc., inspire someone for a charity travel to Uganda(mission trip), fundraise for the choir, help meet the urgent needs list and meet the considerable expense of the choir.

We are prepared and more than happy to provide materials to help you in your advocacy journey, including:

• Power Point & Video about Ushindi Africa Children's choir and Child Sponsorship

• Letter to Pastors and/or Business Letters

• Brochures about our ministry opportunities

• Child Profiles

Privileges of receiving updates about the choir tours, new products, prayer requests and challenges.

* You can pledge a monthly gift of your choice be among a special group of people who make the Choir tours successful.

BUY OUR PRODUCTS/MERCHANDISE: You can support the Choir by buying the music CD’s and
Our handmade authentic Ugandan jewelry. Which are made available on request through postage and shall always be available at the our concerts while the children are on tour. You may also find our products online.

There are many mission trips each year to Uganda,Mission teams come year-round to work on specific projects. If construction, education, healthcare, agriculture, evangelism or most any other field is your thing, there's plenty to do in Uganda. Many churches that sponsor mission trips allow others to join their teams.If you, your church or organization would like to organize a trip, we are happy to help. We can coordinate the timing of your trip so that we don't end up with too many groups in Uganda at once. We can also provide forms, packing lists and other aids to help plan your trip to ensure it goes smoothly.

Ushindi will conduct several trips each year targeting the individuals that sponsor orphans in the villages. It is an opportunity to step beyond the remote financial relationship and develop a personal relationship with the child that you support. It will be an experience that you will never forget.

It will give you the opportunity to hug a widow, love on precious orphans, experience the Ugandan prayer movement, take a safari, and use your skills and God-given passion to touch people through life-giving ministry like Denstry/medical outreaches, schools,Ministry teams/ evangelism and church planting, orphan program, business training program to our young entrepreneurs, worship and arts, sites and sounds,videography and IT outreaches,construction,etc.

If you individually or as a group are interested, please let us know so we can make arrangements for this exciting trip next year.

With the legacy missions a home built is named in the honour of your name or family Each home will accommodate children.A trained single or widowed mother will be placed in each home to raise these precious children in a godly way. The orphans will receive parental love, discipline, health care, and education. What a better way to raise a generation that will seek and serve the Lord!

Due to current the economic situation the cost per home has increased. Each 4- room house will be built and furnished for approximately $25,000. We will recognize the sponsor of an entire home by having the home named in their honor living a legacy among the Ugandan Children.

As a concerned citizen of Heaven, please consider partnering with us on this project to build these homes for orphans in Uganda.

Please contact us if you feel God is leading you to do a legacy mission to Uganda.

"I am holding you by your right hand - I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, Do not be afraid. I am here to help you," - Isaiah 41:13

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